Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The driving machine

My husband's entire family has always been car crazy. Weekends have always included some sort of car-related activity - driving, tinkering, washing, servicing - so it is easy to understand why I use the car as a convenient analogy.

The human body can be compared to a car. The body's driving force is the brain (engine).
Nutrients are taken in through the mouth (filler cap), and pass to the stomach (petrol/diesel tank).
The stomach begins the digestion process, and prepares the nutrients we have ingested for combustion (combustion).
Just as you wouldn't fill your diesel car's tank with petrol (or vice versa), you should take care to fill your stomach with nutritious foods in the right quantities. The fuel tank on a car is rigid (ok, not entirely), which means that it can hold so much and no more. Our stomachs are not rigid, but are possessed of almost inexhaustible expansion; to the extent that we can eat, and eat, and eat, and eat....... to the point of discomfort, usually accompanied by much groaning!

This time of year is always associated with eating, drinking, gift giving and socializing. Let's rather focus on the giving. Let's give out bodies a break. Ease up on the consumption of alcohol and give our livers a break. Let's give ourselves a healthier body, so that we can give the ones we love more time and energy.

Have a happy, relaxed, safe festive season. I want all my readers to come back, safe and sound, and ready to follow a new dietary path with me.

P.S. Thanks to my grandson for the loan of his dinkies.

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