Friday, December 18, 2009

Recipes for Week One

Although the recipes are intended for use starting January 4th 2010, a few friends have suggested that I give the links to the recipes and shopping list today, as many readers will be away for the next week or so. It seems everyone is eager to see what is in store for the new year.

Firstly, I want to emphasize, no recipe is written in stone. If I use an ingredient that you don’t like or can’t get, don’t panic – substitute.
My recipes are all for four servings: is this right for you? It is easy enough to scale them up or down – but whatever changes you make to the recipes, carry across to the shopping list.

Secondly, the shopping list (also for four people) doesn’t always stipulate quantities. The supermarkets I use sell things like carrots and potatoes by the bag, not as singular items.
If the item appears on the shopping list in colour and coded (a, b, c, d, e) then it is required for a specific recipe.
If it is in black and uncoded, then it is stuff that you need, but maybe already have (spices, herbs, mayo).
If the item appears in black and in square brackets [], then it is just a suggestion or a reminder. Most of us buy things like eggs and milk on a regular basis, but whether you have shopped with or without a list in the past, you know how irritating it is to get home and realize that you ‘forgot’ something.

You will need to spend half an hour with a cup of tea, and the recipes and shopping list, double checking that everything you need is listed. Also take into consideration purchases required for breakfasts and lunches – and the two evenings of the week that I haven’t given you a recipe: will you go out? have take-aways? a frozen ready-meal?

Let’s look at the menu for week one:

a) Linguine with fish poppets (WW points 9 per serve, including pasta)
If you have a cupboard full of pasta shapes, use those up first, the type of pasta really doesn’t matter.
You could have rice, noodles or mash instead, for that matter.
Haddock does have quite a strong flavour, so use a white fish such as hake for a milder taste.

b) Ginger pork with cabbage (WW points 8 per serve, including noodles)
If you don’t like chillies, leave them out. Don’t eat pork? Use chicken breast instead.

c) Avocado and orange salad with chicken (WW points 5 per serve)
Make this a hot salad if the evening is cold– leave out the avo and lettuce and stir-fry cabbage and courgettes with the orange segments. Warm the dressing.

d) Butternut and chickpea curry (WW points 5.5 per serve)
This is a very mild curry; spice it up if you like hot.
You can use kidney- or cannellini beans instead of the chick peas.

e) Salmon with caper cream, spinach and new potatoes (WW points 5 per serve)
Tuna steaks would work just as well as salmon, or use kingklip, hake or whiting.

Fellow Weight Watchers, you will have to re-point the recipes if you change them.

Remember to carry any changes in recipes across to the shopping list.

Here is the shopping list for Week One.

Now go here for the recipes.

I hope you will enjoy preparing and eating these meals.

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