Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bistro salad : Wk49/2

Serves 4 : Very easy : Quick
200gm pillow pack spinach, rocket & watercress
50gm mange tout, sliced lengthways
1 yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced
12 red cherry tomatoes, halved
12 yellow cherry tomatoes, halved
8 baby corn cobs, quartered
4 eggs, hard boiled, shelled & halved
4 rashers lean bacon, chopped (optional)
30gm croutons
80gm Danish blue cheese, crumbled

1 Tblsp each of Dijon mustard, olive oil and lemon juice
2 Tblsp each of Helman’s low-fat mayo and fat free natural yoghurt

Spray a frying pan with non-stick cooking spray.
Dry fry the bacon bits until crispy.
Drain on kitchen paper.

Make a dressing by combining the mustard, oil, lemon, mayo and yoghurt.
This is a very sharp dressing, but it goes really well with the salad.

Tear the salad leaves into a bowl.
Arrange the other ingredients, in layers, finishing with the eggs, croutons, cheese and bacon.

Serve the salad with the dressing and plain boiled baby potatoes or crusty bread.

For a vegetarian option, leave out the bacon – one less pan to wash, too!

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