Friday, April 1, 2011

5 - 8 portions of fruit and veg per day

If you have been looking at (better still, using) my recipes, you will have noticed that all of them have at least three vegetables in them or with them; if there is a shortage of veg on the plate, then I always suggest a salad. You don't have to serve the vegetables I recommend - you can substitute your own favourites - but I do try to include a variety that is seasonal, relatively inexpensive and colourful. A colourful plate is a healthy plate. A variety of colours indicates a variety of vitamins and minerals. But leave out the veg you or the family really doesn’t care for; just be sure to substitute something else. I personally don't care for pumpkin (except in pumpkin pie, when it is wonderful) - I find it watery, stringy and bordering on tasteless. But I really enjoy butternut squash which has real substance, form, colour and flavour. And butternuts come in a usable, storable size, which is always a plus in my book, unlike pumpkins.

If I use something unfamiliar to you, do try it. You might enjoy it. I bought ochra a little while ago, something I've never tried before. They were alright. Interesting. A little bit different. I don't know that I would rush to buy them again - but at least I gave them a chance.

Buy a different vegetable this week - something you haven't served in a while. Or ever. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Roberto said...

I agree with you, Sphinx, about Okra - it's the pits of a vege. Sometimes, I've had it in Indian Curries, or Cajun-style food. Yucky, I think.
But, pumpkins, on the other hand, are my favourites, along with green garden peas. I'd have them on toast for brekkie, if I a cuppa and cereal didn't take preference.

Sphinx said...

If you like peas, try this...
Boil 1 - 2 cups of froz. peas for about 5 mins. Drain well. Add 1 Tblsp chopped mint and blitz to a puree. Beat in 1 Tblsp of Hellmann's low fat mayo. Heaven! As good as pease pudding.