Monday, July 19, 2010

Nihil recens ab Africa

Far from finding anything new in my exploration of foods and food sources, I have found shortages of things I use all the time! I had to visit four supermarkets before I could replace my favourite brand of curry paste. It is imported, so I can only think that our pre-World-Cup dock strike is responsible; some ships returned to their home ports without being unloaded. Some small businesses, dependant on imported goods, were left high and dry with no stock, and now have to wait for their orders to be re-shipped, cleared through customs, and finally delivered. So I hope that, in due course, my curry paste and other imported items will return to the shelves.

Just another reason to buy local produce, I guess.


Anonymous said...

"ab"? isn't it "ex"?

Sphinx said...

Either is acceptable - as are both "a" and "e".