Monday, August 9, 2010

Colds and ‘flu

… or rather, in my case, bronchitis and sinusitis. For a long time now, I have managed to avoid the annual attack of colds and ‘flu, bronchitis, sinusitis and general upper respiratory tract infections. Not this year! It started back in April. I was so sick that I even went to the doctor. He prescribed antibiotics, sinus tabs and cough mixture. I seemed to improve for about ten days or so, but then it started again. Back to the doctor. More pills and potions. Again, an improvement. For a while.

This time I think I will let it clear itself, unaided by modern medicine. My personal prescription? Vitamin C, zinc and Echinacea drops, lots of liquids and homemade chicken soup. Homemade soup seems to have something extra when compared to the commercial stuff; or maybe it’s just that it contains no preservatives or colourants. What you get is pure goodness. Here’s my recipe.

Start off with 500gm of mixed, chopped soup veg; celery, carrots, green beans, turnip, parsnip, butternut, onion, whatever you have. Plus a good handful of roughly chopped parsley. Garlic and ginger are good, too, if you like them. Stick everything in a 5 – 6 litre saucepan.
Drop in a chicken carcass, if you have one (the bones really make the best stock), and 2 - 3 good handfuls of pearl barley (you can also add the same quantity of lentils and split peas, if you like). Chop and add 200 – 300 gm chicken meat (cooked or raw, doesn’t matter, but no skin or fatty bits).
Pour in sufficient water to cover. Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer and go put your feet up. You can leave it to do its own thing now, for at least 40 minutes (longer won’t hurt it in the least).

When you think of it, fish out the chicken carcass and any little bones that have separated off.
Blitz the soup a bit, if you like. Add a bit more water if needed. Season lightly, and eat.

With a recipe as delicious as this, why wait to be sick?


Anonymous said...

This is a very helpful tip in preventing the colds and flu. Thanks!

Sphinx said...

Your welcome! Freshly squeezed orange juice is a great way of getting Vitamin C. Be sure to drink it within 10 mins of squeezing for optimal availability. Also, avoid tea/coffee for an hour after the juice because caffeine depletes Vit.C and effects absorption.