Monday, October 4, 2010

Unhealthy foods

Here are some unhealthy foods; how many are you still buying and eating?

Anything with batter or crumbs.I do, occasionally, breadcrumb fish or chicken in my recipes; but then I use fresh breadcrumbs, and I will bake, or fry in a non-stick pan with a no-oil cooking spray. Also, I know what I have added to the breadcrumbs.

Anything that requires deep-frying.
We sometimes have chips, but I only buy the ‘oven’ variety, and I check the food nutrition label for the make with the lowest saturated fat total. I know some people who own – and still use! – deep fat fryers.
The more oil you use to cook with, the more can be absorbed by your food.

Anything processed.
Cold deli meats and processed cheeses contain a lot of saturated fat naturally, which is best avoided. Many cheeses have a lot of added salt – also to be avoided.

Anything refined.
Pastas, white bread, white bagels, white rice – nearly all the roughage and nutrients have been removed, leaving you with just starch.

‘Ready meals’ and store-made salads.
These contain added fats and salts. And sugar.

Pre-chopped vegetables and fruits.
As soon as you cut vegetables and fruits they begin to lose their vitamins and minerals. The longer they are exposed to light and air, the more they lose. How long have they been sitting, pre-shredded, in the supermarket? Very often, this kind of purchase is not good value for money – stir-fry veg are bulked up with the cheapest ingredient, cabbage. Soup packs generally contain onion, potatoes and carrots (all of which I’m sure you already have) and some rather tatty celery. Fruit salads? These are made from the undamaged parts of damaged fruits, so that the supermarket can still make a (huge) profit.

Canned fruit.
Unless the fruit is canned in its own juice, it contains vast amounts of added sugar.

Tinned vegetables.
A lot of salt gets added in the canning process. I use tinned beans, but I always rinse them 3 or 4 times before adding to my dish.

Sugary breakfast cereal.
For one very obvious reason – the added sugar. This type of breakfast will raise your blood sugar level rapidly, with an equally rapid crash. By 10, you’re going to be craving something else sugary. Continual rising and falling blood sugar levels make you irritable and unable to concentrate – to say nothing of the chance of exacerbating diabetes.

Take-aways and fizzy, sugary cold drinks.
Do I need to say why?

I’m not saying never, ever eat these foods; just be aware of their potential threat to your overall health and well being.

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