Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time to move

I've never been a great fan of exercise - I'm still not - but I do try to walk at least twice a week. No weight loss program can rely on healthy eating alone, although I still maintain eating is the biggest part, sadly you have to introduce some form of exercise. To lose weight, kilojoules in must be less than kilojoules out.
But I just can't get excited about doing the whole gym thing.

I did it once.

I wriggled, gyrated and squirmed.
I stuck my legs out at awkward angles.
I waved my arms around.
I stretched up.
I bent down.
I wriggled, gyrated and squirmed some more.

But by the time I was finally in my leotard, the class was over.

Joking aside, any exercise is healthier than none. So when you start an exercise program, begin gently. Don't over-exert yourself. Even gentle stretching is good.

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