Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who are you kidding?

I've talked before about keeping a food diary. In the beginning it helps you to see not only how much you are eating, but also whether you have emotional triggers that cause you to over-eat  and/or make unhealthy food choices.

A food diary is simply a record of the time and reason you ate, along with the type and quantity of food you consumed. It is best updated immediately after eating, or no less than once a day (how good is your memory?) And it needs to be honest.

I still keep track of everything I eat, but sometimes I 'forget' that I had some chocolate or biscuits. My daughter-in-law says that if you don't write it down, it doesn't count. How I wish that were true! Most people lie to themselves about what and how much they have eaten, and that lie can be as expensive as 2,000kjoules - or more - in a day! That's 14,000kjoules in a week - as much as you need for another whole day and a half of healthy eating!

So who are you kidding? Be honest with yourself. You are the one who stands to benefit the most.


Roberto said...

Hi Sphinx!
I read all your posts when they arrive on my Google Reader.
I like your blog - and your style. The content is very interesting to me because I am always fighting with diet.

Sphinx said...

hi, Bob
Nice to see you here, thanks for the 'real' visit and the compliments.
I think everyone battles with healthy eating and weight control at some time in their lives, that's why it is so important to get into the habit of eating healthily now, and showing our children the way to go... then maybe they will not have to suffer the same agonies we did and do!
I like your blog,too - always interesting, even when you are talking about stuff I don't need (yet).
Have a great day.