Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anytime eggs

I’m very partial to eggs. They are inexpensive, nutritious and quick and easy to prepare. Plus, if small children are ‘off colour’ and not eating well, they will pretty much always eat an egg custard.

Eggs are high in cholesterol (about 310 milligrams per egg), and the advised amount of cholesterol per day is 300milligrams, so they are best eaten one at a time and as the only protein source at that meal. The Heart Foundation of South Africa recommends a maximum intake of only 3 – 4 eggs per week, but recent studies have confirmed that saturated fat – not dietary cholesterol – is the cause of high blood cholesterol levels.

Eggs should always be well cooked – especially for young children and the elderly. Salmonella has been found even in clean uncracked eggs, so they should not really be eaten raw. Refrigeration helps to keep eggs fresh for up to three weeks, but don’t store them in the door as the continual fluctuation in temperature as you open and close the fridge can cause the shells to crack. Ideally eggs should be stored in a covered container on a lower shelf.

Eggs may cause allergic reactions in small children (under 3 years of age) so it’s best not to offer eggs before a child is one year old – especially if allergies run in the family. For the same reason, it’s best to avoid eating eggs yourself if you are breastfeeding.

Eggs are best eaten as an omellette or scrambled as they are more easily digested this way. Accompany with raw tomato and parsley to further aid digestion.

The best eggs to buy? Probably organic or free range, although unless you eat only organic foods as the norm I don’t think the organic ones are worth the extra cost. The same goes for Omega-3 eggs. If you want Omega-3 then eat a piece of fish. Always check the date-stamp on the packaging, and check the contents for cracks.


Roberto said...

Informative. I love eggs and eat about six per week, BUT, I hard-boil them and make curried egg for my brekkie toast. Mmmm.

Interesting to learn about the fridge door, though. I always thought it would be OK to store eggs in the little sections, but this does make sense.


Sphinx said...

Curried eggs sound delicious! My mum used to make those. And pickled eggs. I sometimes put nardboiled eggs in a veg curry, just for a change.
If your 'little section' is covered - like the cheese section - and you buy eggs in small quantities, then the door is probably ok.