Friday, May 14, 2010

Family meals

These days, what with work, school, home-work and extra-mural activities, it can be difficult to get the whole family to sit down to a meal together. But making the effort to share a meal around the dinner table is well worth the effort in scheduling.

A family meal, eaten together, nourishes the family bond as well as the body. It provides a time for communication. We often spend more time and effort cultivating our friends than our family members.
When did you last spend more than five minutes talking and listening to your children – or spouse for that matter – without instructing or criticizing?

Research shows that family meal times foster identity and a sense of belonging. Children who eat with the family show lower rates of smoking, drinking and illegal drug use as well as having higher academic achievement.

Try and eat together, as a family, at least five times a week. Turn off the television. If you feel uncomfortable without some background noise, then play soft music – preferably classical. The slower pace of the music will encourage slower eating, which is far better for digestion.

Have a great weekend.

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