Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vitamin A: retinol, retinoic acid

Vitamin A (along with D, E and K) is a fat-soluble vitamin; that means that there must be some fat in your food for this vitamin to be absorbed. Vitamin A is produced by the liver from carotene – the stuff that makes vegetables and fruit red, yellow, dark green and orange.

Vitamin A helps maintain:
  • healthy skin
  • boosts immunity
  • maintains good vision
  • helps with the development of teeth and bones
  • heals acne
  • is an anti-oxidant
  • promotes longevity and is anti-aging.

Sources of Vitamin A:
  • fish oils
  • cold water fish
  • beef
  • mutton
  • veal
  • organ meats
  • egg yolk
  • dark green leafy veg
  • red, yellow and orange fruit and veg

Deficiency symptoms:
  • dry, flaky skin
  • recurrent skin infections
  • night blindness
  • cystitis and thrush
  • low immunity generally
(Of course, these symptoms may result from something other than Vit.A deficiency. Don't immediately reach for a supplement!)

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