Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 easy substitutions to make

A really out-of-character short one today...

Here are a few healthy food substitutions for you to try. You'll hardly notice the difference - except on your waistline!

Instead of sweetened, full fat yoghurt rather have plain fat free yoghurt with fresh fruit.
Instead of pasta with cheese/white sauce rather have pasta with tomato based veg sauce.
Instead of canned fruit in syrup rather have fresh fruit or canned fruit packed in juice.
Instead of deep-fat fried french fries rather have oven-bake chips.
Instead of cream cheese rather have low-fat or fat-free smooth cottage cheese.
Instead of snacking on crisps rather have pretzels.
Instead of pancakes with sugar and cinnamon rather have berries.
Instead of sweetened cereals (most of them are) rather have rolled oats, weetbix or bran flakes (wholegrain, of course).
Instead of neat fruit juice rather have 1/2 fruit juice and 1/2 still or sparkling water.
Instead of tea or coffee rather have an herbal tea.

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