Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recipe : Week 2 : Day 4

Aubergine Lasagne
4 servings : Very easy : This takes a bit longer

± 650gms aubergines
½ small head broccoli
½ small head cauliflower
1 large onion
2 x 400gm cans chopped tomato
2 Tblsp tomato paste
¼ cup basil leaves, shredded
2 or more garlic cloves
1 Tblsp brown sugar
150gm low fat cheddar, grated
1 cup vegetable stock
± 8 Lasagne sheets
Peel and chop the aubergines and the onion.
Clean and trim the broccoli and cauli and break into florets.
To save baking time, steam, boil or microwave these veg.
Place the chopped tomatoes, tomato paste and garlic in a pan.
Bring to the boil, and then simmer for about 15 mins until the sauce thickens slightly.
Add the sugar, basil and chopped veg to the sauce.
Add vegetable stock, a little at a time, if you think the mix is too dry.
Spray a deep 20cm square baking dish with cooking spray.
Preheat oven to 180°C.
Place lasagne sheets, a few at a time, into a dish of boiling water to moisten a little.
This helps cut a little off the cooking time.
Fill baking dish in layers, starting with a third of the veg/sauce mix, followed by a third of
the cheese.
Cover with moistened lasagne sheets.
Continue with layers, ending with a cheese layer.
Bake, uncovered for 45 mins, until nicely browned.
Allow to stand for 10 mins before cutting.


Anonymous said...

Sounds completely devine. Will definitely try it out

Sphinx said...

Let me know what you think, Anon-Bron! I hope you enjoy it.