Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping track

Remember when I started this blog, I talked about keeping a food diary. No, well a lot of you were not with me then. So I will reiterate:
If you don't write down what you eat, you will find it difficult to keep track of whether you have had the requisite servings of each food group each day. I still write down everything I eat.

Another way of tracking is to make 'paper money' in food group denominations. Then you can 'pay' for each meal as you go along. Or use pieces of different coloured card and keep them in a box in the kitchen. If you make paper money or cards, make them in half portion denominations - you can even include a brief half portion description.

After over a year, I still weigh and measure everything. I know it's difficult if you eat out a lot, but portion sizes can 'swell' surprisingly fast when you don't keep a close eye. That restaurant steak is way over a 3 serving size (so only eat half). Maybe weigh and measure for the first week of each month, and judge by eye the rest of the time.

Whatever you do, tracking-wise, be aware of the food you are eating. And enjoy it! Slow down and savour it.

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