Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mindful eating

Yesterday I said we should be aware of the food we are eating.
A lot of time and effort has been spent in the preparation and presentation of that dinner plate.
Someone had to plant the vegetables/feed the livestock, someone else had to harvest and package the foods to get them to the supermarket. Yet another someone had to get the stuff onto the supermarket shelves. (My apologies to all the people I left out - I'm sure there are a minimum of eight progressive steps between planting and plate.)

What I'm getting at is that the food you eat (and the people involved in getting it to you) deserves a measure of respect.
Give you're full attention to the plate in front of you.
Let your eyes feast on the colours.
Let your nose savour the aromas.
Take small mouthfuls, and masticate well - we all eat too fast.
Actually taste the food.
It takes about twenty minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it is full.

Even if you are only having a ham sandwich, make an occassion of it.

So, move away from your desk.
No reading.
No TV.
No laptop.
No cell phones.
If someone does call while you are eating, excuse yourself and call them back later.

Most of us living in houses have a dining room. Even in a flat, there is usually a 'breakfast bar'.
When did you last use yours?

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