Monday, January 4, 2010

Goal setting

So here we are, at the beginning of the year. Did you make any resolutions? What are you goals for this year? These notes on goal setting don't only apply to weight loss. Baby steps will help you win minor victories in the march to a major goal.

When we set goals, most of us tend to get carried away - we are far too ambitious - and the more ambitious we are at the outset, the less likely we are to succeed.
When you think 'I need to lose weight', you will probably stipulate the total amount of weight you want to lose, and a specific (short) time period in which to lose it. This approach will more than likely fail because the goal you have set yourself is unrealistic and unattainable! Better by far to break it down into baby steps, and not to put a time limit on success. Success breeds success, so after completing the first baby step you are going to happily commit to the next (baby) step. And so on.
So what changes in lifestyle are you going to implement to acheive your mini-goal? Most people will say that to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more - right AND wrong answer!
To lose weight, we need to implement adequate healthy eating habits and sensible exercise.
Let's get the sensible exercise  out of the way first. I am NOT a personal trainer in the field of exercise. I have said before that I am lazy, not just a lazy cook, but lazy generally. I like the old saying 'why walk if you can stand, why stand if you can sit, why sit if you can lie down?'. My sentiments exactly! I have never exercised. Not in the formal go-to-gym/aerobics way. Yes, I played netball, tennis and hockey (most reluctantly!) at school. But I have always maintained that I got enough exercise looking after my husband, children and house. If you are into gym, then good for you; the endorphins produced by exercise are positive and very uplifting. The only exercise I introduced at the midpoint of my weight loss program was walking. Actually, not even walking. More of a brisk stroll; pushing my grandson in his pushchair, up to the local supermarket and back (not even a kilometer round trip), weather and nap times permitting, three times a week. But only if I felt like it. If you are not into gym, don't feel you have to start now, especially if you have a preclusive medical condition.
That brings me to the adequate healthy eating habits. This is going to be the on-going topic of my posts. Tomorrow I will start to introduce you to the different food groups.

So until tomorrow...

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