Monday, June 21, 2010

Essential equipment – Measuring up and mixing

I have two pyrex measuring jugs, two sets of (plastic) measuring cups and two sets of (plastic) measuring spoons. They are in daily use.

At some stage of food preparation we will need to mix or whip something, or just soak dried beans overnight before cooking. Of course, if you’re soaking beans, you could easily do that in the pot you intend to cook them in, but if you want to whip cream or beat up some eggs for a soufflé you will need a bowl or three.

I like glass mixing bowls; they are adaptable in that they can go in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, or you can sit them over a saucepan to make a double-boiler (glass is a good heat conductor). They are largely scratch resistant, so they always look good, but of course, they will break if dropped on a tiled floor! The other disadvantage of glass is that the larger the bowl, the heavier it gets.

Plastic mixing bowls, on the other hand, are light weight. You can still use them in the microwave and dishwasher, but not in the oven or as a double boiler, since plastic is not a good heat conductor; it will melt and even burn under extreme temperatures.

I own and use both glass and plastic mixing bowls, depending on what size I need for the specific task at hand.

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