Friday, June 4, 2010

Life’s a journey…

… but with no certain destination, so we should take time to enjoy that journey.

Although achievement and success are what we crave, the satisfaction doesn’t last long once we are there. And if we don’t set new goals, then we soon slide back into dissatisfaction and discontent. So we need to continually challenge ourselves both mentally and physically.

Each goal or project takes planning and commitment. First we have to have a vision, then we have to have an overall plan on how we intend getting there. We already envision and plan objectives all the time – even doing the grocery shopping involves planning, but mini-projects, like shopping, have become second nature so we do them without consciously thinking about them.

If you ask most people what their personal vision is, they will probably say something like … a better job… a bigger house… a newer car… a better life. Each of these answers (and I’m sure there are plenty of others) can be considered objectives. What steps can we take to achieve them? However generous the Universe is, things don’t just fall in our laps, we have to work towards them.

A better job may involve getting some training or gaining experience – so go for it. A better job may well provide the resources for a bigger house or newer car; but a better life? Not necessarily.

A better life can be achieved through a healthier lifestyle – cutting back on fats and sugars, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, spending quality time with loved ones and starting some form of moderate exercise. And fully appreciating what we already have.

Strive for more, by all means. But enjoy the ride along the way. Stay positive.

Have a great weekend.

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