Friday, March 18, 2011

Rest and recuperation

Weekends are supposed to be a time to relax and recharge our batteries. But they seldom are.

We have rushed around doing stuff all week long, only to find that we need to tear around all weekend to accomplish all the other stuff that we didn't have time for during the week. And if you work in an office, there is always something that needs doing around the house or garden which gets put off until the weekend.

I work from home, so I sometimes manage to get some household chores done during the week. But I often find myself doing mountains of washing and ironing on a Saturday.
And catching up on office work on a Sunday, because I need my husband's input.

I do have some fun, though: grocery shopping, cooking, menu planning, dreaming up a blog topic for the coming week, and researching that topic, visiting friends. And snoozing in front of the television.
All things I really enjoy.

I hope you have a great weekend, and get to do something you enjoy.

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