Friday, March 12, 2010

Pita pizza

Serves 4 : Easy : Quick
4 whole wheat pita pockets
300gm sweet potato, cubed
1 medium aubergine, cubed
1 ±400gm can chopped tomatoes
1 large onion, sliced
20 pitted black olives, sliced
80gm low fat feta, crumbled
60gm low fat mozzarella, grated
Dried oregano

Cook the sweet potato and aubergine chunks.
(The aubergine cooks much faster than the sweet potato, so start the potato
and add the aubergine for the last 10 mins.)
Lightly toast one side of the pita breads under the grill.
Spread the untoasted side with the chopped tomatoes.
Cover with onion slices.
Pile on the sweet potato and aubergine cubes.
Scatter over the cheeses and olives.
Sprinkle with oregano.
Grill until the cheeses melt and start to brown.
Serve with a salad.


Pam said...

What a tasty looking mini pizza - I love all of the ingredients.

Sphinx said...

Hi, Pam.
It really is delicious. Just make sure, when you serve it, that you have LOTS of paper serviettes available.
Thanks for the visit. Come back soon.