Monday, February 22, 2010

Change is desirable?

You may have noticed a few changes on my blog recently.
I've been restructuring and sorting and creating and posting.

There are now four links (just to the right of your screen) which will take you to recipe collections, grouped by protein type. So the top link, "Chicken recipes", will take you to the collection of all the chicken recipes I have posted here. The second will take you to the fish recipe collection, etc.
I will update these collections each week, as and when necessary.

Please let me know what you think. I value the support of all my readers, whether you are in Texas, California. Missouri or Florida; Singapore, Malaysia or India; Australia or New Zealand; Israel; Portugal, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands or England; Botswana, Zimbabwe or South Africa. I see you all. I welcome you all - I love to see you coming back.
I will still be posting the link to the .pdf file of recipes and shopping list each week. Here. On a Thursday. As usual. I will still be posting a recipe a day - if that is useful to you.

I'm still working on other stuff, too. Attempting to simplify and streamline. Am I headed in the right direction?


tomstew said...

I think you are going in the right direction, i wish more people would comment though!

tomstew said...
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