Thursday, February 18, 2010

Saving time

Did you rough out a time-table for your day? Did you look at it closely?

Any time-table or schedule needs to be reviewed and modified every so often. If you're new to scheduling it's probably a good idea to review once a week. Even if a schedule works for you, it isn't necessarily efficient use of your time. And you shouldn't get too obsessed with it, either. Some people get so involved in tweaking their schedules and making to-do lists that they waste time. They use scheduling and list making to procrastinate, and as a result get nothing done at all (except beautiful, masterful schedules and to-do lists!)

I'm planning on saving some future time tonight. It will cost maybe five minutes extra tonight, but will gain me at least half an hour some other time. I'm making Speedy Spaghetti for supper, and I will double up on the quantities. I can freeze the second half and have a night off when I need it. Or I can use the extra for my grandson, and not have to cook specially for him. Or freeze for later AND feed my grandson - bonus!

Can you save any time in the kitchen tonight?

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