Friday, February 12, 2010

Treating yourself

Why is it that when we think of 'treats' or 'treating' someone we immediately think of chocolates and cake? or dinner at a fancy restaurant? or an alcoholic drink?

We need to go back to the original legal, medical and moral meanings of the word.
Treat is a transitive verb meaning to deal with; to handle; to discuss; to behave towards.
As a noun, treat means a free entertainment; a pleasure excursion; a source of great gratification.
(Chambers English Dictionary.1988. p1563)

Try treating yourself, your children, significant other and co-workers with kindness, patience and respect.
Try playing games with the kids (a free entertainment), or take them to a park or swimming pool (a pleasure excursion).
Any or all of these will be a source of great gratification to everyone involved.

Oh, and Sunday is Valentine's Day - all about treating others with love and affection. Treat yourself to some fresh flowers and serve strawberries and frozen yoghurt for dessert.

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