Thursday, February 4, 2010

Examples and a link for GI values

I thought I'd better give you some examles of which foods are high, intermediate and low GI. This is by no means an extensive categorization. Go  here for loads of information, and a fairly extensive GI value list.

Vegetables - Low GI
Tomatoes, green beans, peas, sugar snap peas, bell peppers, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, etc.
Veg - Intermediate GI
Carrots, beetroot, spinach
Veg - High GI
Turnips, parsnips

Fruits - Low GI
Grapefruit, cherries, oranges, apples, kiwis, mango, pears, peaches, grapes etc.
Fruits - Intermediate GI
Banana, apricots, melon, pineapple, paw paw/papino
Fruits - High GI

Grains and starches - Low GI
All beans, lentils, oat bran, pasta, barley, rice (brown, wild, Tastic white), sweetcorn, sweet potato
Grains and starches - Intermediate GI
New potatoes, Basmati rice, pita bread, bran muffin, rye bread, white bread (high fibre)
Grains and starches - High GI
2-minute noodles, rice cakes, potatoes (boiled, mashed, baked).

The GI values of the different foods on your plate average out . So the more you pile on the low GI value foods, the lower the overall GI will be. You will stay fuller for longer and have more energy.

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